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Byron Health and Healing Center

Are you searching for effective solutions for regaining your health and vitality? Are you bothered by chronic fatigue? Do you wish you had more energy? Would you like to look and feel years younger? 

As an integrative concierge-type medical practice, our focus is on treating the whole person, not just symptoms or conditions. The Byron Health and Healing Center balances conventional medicine with evidence-based complimentary therapies to improve patient health and quality of life.

Dr. Byron believes every individual is unique. He has helped countless patients achieve their wellness goals by providing highly personalized patient care. Byron Health and Healing Center is committed to helping you realize your best health.

Discover more about our patient-centered care and services. Call (262) 672-6393 to schedule an appointment.

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6232 Bankers Road, Lower Level
Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 672-6393
Fax: (262) 672-6206

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Our hormones play a major role in how fast we age..


Thyroid disease can occur at any age..


Do you struggle with weight loss? Do you seem to gain and lose the same 10 to 20..


Our gut feeds us, protects us from invaders (immune system), detoxifies, digests..

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6232 Bankers Road, Lower Level
Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 672-6393
Fax: (262) 672-6206

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Rudy Byron, MD, at Byron Health and Healing Center is located at 6232 Bankers Road, Lower Level, Racine, WI 53403. Our integrative medical practice provides anti-aging treatments, autism treatment solutions, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, gut health, hair mineral analysis and pain relief. Additional services include help for addictions, detoxification, phototherapy, thyroid disease and autoimmune diseases, weight loss programs, and concierge-style medicine to the communities of Kenosha, Milwaukee, Burlington, Union Grove, and surrounding areas in Wisconsin.