Why Choose Byron

Why choose Byron Health and Healing Center, a cash-based model, for your medical care?

Byron Health and Healing delivers healthcare using a cash-based model.  We do not accept medical insurance. Unfortunately, having medical insurance does not lead to optimal health care. Insurance companies dictate to physicians what they believe is in the best interest of the patient. The problem with following insurance company mandates is that they are concerned with their profitability, not your health.

Medical insurance is a wonderful product, but it no longer serves as insurance when it tries to cover every medical need. Imagine if auto insurance acted like medical insurance does in 2013. If auto insurance covered car washes, oil changes, tire rotations, and basic car maintenance, the price of these services would skyrocket as healthcare costs have done. Unfortunately, when someone else is paying for the service, the recipient expects more and more for less and less. Now, in the past few years, we find that Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, businesses, and individuals no longer can afford the costs and we are finding ourselves in a major crisis.

Have you considered how you choose your doctor now? Most people choose their doctor based on their location and whether or not they are in the insurance network. The era of the solo practitioner is nearly over. Why? Independent practitioners who utilize insurance must accept low insurance rates to have access to their patient panels. Additionally, the insurance companies often do not pay on time, which means that a physician must wait 30-90 days before the discounted payments arrive.

Doctors would rather join a big group that serves a huge patient population. Patients may be shuffled between doctors within a medical group and get minimal personal touch! They may wait hours to see the doctor for as little as 7-to-10 minutes.

Byron Health and Healing is different!

We have to market ourselves, meet the public, and try to win the trust of patients. When was the last time you saw your doctor courting your business? You, the general public, will see Dr. Byron, without a medical insurance company whispering in his ear during the visit. The doctor-patient relationship is established without the interference of 3rd party insurance payers.  Do you want your doctor giving you advice based on what the insurance company tells him or her to do?

Still not convinced? Ask yourself why you should strongly consider Byron Health and Healing for your next doctor visit:

1. Are you tired of cookie-cutter medicine?

Because of the assembly line medical system insurance companies have produced, the average physician spends 7 minutes per visit with the patient. It matters little whether or not that doctor is board-certified, in-or-out of network, or even if he is a nice guy. How much can the best physician in the world accomplish in a short 7 minutes? The answer is very little. As a board certified family physician who practiced in that system for 11 years, Dr. Byron remains committed to listening to his patients!

Instead many physicians rely on very expensive blood tests, X-Rays, CAT scans, and other expensive technology. Physicians have to react and not think when they encounter a patient for such a short amount of time. Despite having insurance you pay the cost, it is not only your bank account that loses.  It is your health and peace of mind that ultimately are compromised.  Have you counted the cost of participating in assembly-line medicine?

2. Do you strive to be healed instead of “managed”?

The purpose of Byron health and healing is to empower patients to heal. Under the direction of insurance companies, patient care is “managed”, i.e., “managed-care”.  Typical primary care physicians focus on managing patients with complex, chronic medical conditions.  Do you want to be managed or strive toward a cure?  Choose Byron Health and Healing if you strive toward being healed.

3. Do you have a high-deductible health insurance policy?

Many medical insurance policies have deductibles for singles of $2500 or $5000 for families.  If you saw Dr. Byron for 3 visits per year with each visit lasting one hour, your total cost would be $900. You would still be well below your deductible. Six thirty minute visits with Dr. Byron in one year would cost $900

Of note, laboratory fees are billed directly to the insurance company by Quest diagnostics. Patients do not have to worry about an exorbitantly high bill due to labs after their doctor visit. X-rays and other radiological services are completed by a local radiology firm that bills the patients insurance directly as well. Again, the patient is not surprised by an outrageous bill after leaving Byron Health and Healing.

If you do, you should ask every doctor what their charges are before agreeing to be seen. If they cannot tell you what the charge will be, our advice is to run!  When I go the grocery store, get a haircut, and pay for gasoline, I know exactly how much the items cost.  Shouldn’t your doctor visit be the same?

Yes, Byron Health and Healing is “out-of-network” and your deductible may cost more than working with physician “in-network”. Considering the fact that 70% of patients NEVER hit their deductible, we recommend you use a well-trained physician with the best rates, the best bedside manner, and historically high patient satisfaction. Byron Health and Healing is hard to beat!

4. Do you want concierge medicine without the concierge prices?

Byron Health and Healing charges by time during the visit and does not charge a $1500-$10,000 yearly enrollment fee. Consider 4 tthirty minute visits with Byron Health and Healing at $150 per visit and 4 quick ($75×4) simple visits in between quarterly visits. This totals $800 per year for essentially one visit every 1.5 months. An average person with few medical problems might visit us no more than 4 times a year for 30 minutes each time with 2 additional quick visits. This totals $650 for the year. This does not begin to touch a typical deductible!

5. Are you uninsured?

Did you know that you are stuck with the highest bills? By doctors signing contracts with insurance companies, especially Medicare, they are often forced to bill everyone the same and accept the discounts that insurance companies mandate for their patients. As a result, the uninsured often get no discounts and pay the most outrageous fees!

6. Do you want to be a part of a clinic dedicated to improving your health?

See us at Byron Health and Healing! Not only do we offer improved pace and price, we want to improve the process. Challenge Byron Health and Healing to grow and improve. Ask us to offer new services for patients! We want to serve our patients and make healthcare better for everyone!