Protect Your DNA Part 2

In part one I noted that DNA is composed of both spiritual and physical material. Proper nutrition, a sound diet, and a nourishing environment all contribute to the expression of “good” genes. The expression of genes by our diet and environment is called epigenetics.

In the previous post I highlighted a few nutrients which play important roles in correcting and protecting our DNA, specifically vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and B-vitamins.


Magnesium is a mineral that has numerous beneficial effects in the body. Most Americans have very low magnesium blood levels. When doctors check a magnesium level, they typically check the level in the serum (blood), not the tissue level which reflects the true level of magnesium. One of the most important effects is that it is a calming mineral. Those who have anxiety or “over-excitability” would be well-served to consider increasing the magnesium content in their diet and supplementing with a quality form of magnesium.

Magnesium protects DNA by binding to DNA , thereby stabilizing the double helix structure by reducing the negatively charged density. It is interesting to note that DNA is a “charged particle” which means that it contains energy. Of note, it receives, transmits, and stores energy. Magnesium acts as a scaffold for the double helix DNA structure, keeping the form of the DNA molecule intact so that it can function properly when there is damage. Magnesium also protects DNA by scavenging free-radicals which cause tissue damage and through its anti-inflammatory effects.


Zinc is another mineral that is very important for DNA repair and damage control. Zinc is stored in several areas, but most importantly it is stored in the prostate gland in males. Of note, when conception occurs the there is much replication of DNA via growth and development of the living baby. We need plenty of zinc present to repair any defects in the DNA during rapid growth and development.

Genetic defects are simple nutritional deficiencies that leave a “fingerprint” on a specific gene, in a specific location, on a specific chromosome. Zinc functions like a good detective; it finds these fingerprints and corrects the defects.

A good example of zinc deficiency and genes is Down’s syndrome. It occurs very early in conception. Think of a factory line with defective body parts that are supplied to the line early in the production process. Yes, there is a chromosomal defect (trisomy) as traditional doctors note, but the defect is due to lack of zinc which has the power to correct it. In other words, the DNA inspector is out to lunch, likely eating fast food which has no zinc.

Down syndrome babies are termed “floppy” babies at birth due to lack of muscular tone. They rarely cry and have a classic appearance that includes a domed forehead, flattened bridge of the nose. To prevent and treat Down’s syndrome you need 15 mg of zinc three times per day. Most Americans have low levels of this essential nutrient due to poor diet and lack of quality supplementation.

The best gift you can give a newly married couple is not a toaster. It is a nutritional supplement package that includes zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, and many others that cover the 90 essential nutrients to have a healthy, happy, baby without DNA damage.

We owe it to our God, our Creator who made us in His image, to protect our most precious gift, DNA, by consuming the foods and supplements necessary allow us to thrive in a hostile environment. Faith without works is dead. Speak life, not death. Give or receive 90 for life. Check out on how to obtain this most precious gift and begin to protect your DNA.

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