Dare to Prepare for the Cold and Flu Season Part I

Our bodily defense system is known as our immune system, which is a collection of billions of cells that travel through the bloodstream.  They move in and out of tissues and organs, defending the body against foreign bodies (antigens) such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.  Of note, our gastrointestinal tract produces about 75% of our body’s total immune system cells.  So if we are looking to boost our immune system, one must at least focus on improving the health of our gut.

The good gut bacteria form an integral part of our defense system.  Lots of tax dollars are spent to support our troops to defend our nation.  How can we support the troops in our gut that are fighting for our sovereignty, physical, and mental well-being?

One of the biggest threats to our immune system is stress, which can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The Macmillan dictionary defines stress as mental or emotional tension or pressure.  Most Americans do not need a dictionary to define stress.  Physical stressors are easy to identify such as an illness, traumatic injury, financial, or excessive exercise to name a few.

As you know 80% of our immune system is located in our gut.  Therefore, our gut must contain an appropriate amount of good bacteria (probiotics).

A healthy gut has many microorganisms – There are estimated to be 100 trillion microorganisms (bugs) in our body.   If the balance of good to bad bacteria is off, then the first way to support our immune system is to add more troops, including the diversity of troops.  In this case, it means taking a probiotic at least once a day.  The standard American diet is grossly deficient in probiotics  which are easily obtained by eating a variety of fermented foods.

Secondly, these bacteria produce all kinds of anti-toxins (anti-oxidants) to neutralize and kill enemies.  There are some key nutrients that provide powerful ammunition to defeat our enemies.  These nutrients are easily obtained in our foods but are often not enough to deal with increasing threats to our immune systems.  Therefore, supplementation has proven to be not only beneficial, but necessary for most people.

Several key nutrients worth supplementing to boost our immune systems include probiotics, vitamin C, D, and a multi-mineral blend.  Regarding minerals, note that vitamins do not work without minerals. Minerals provide “the charge” necessary for vitamins to do their work.  When the car does not start, it is often necessary to check the “battery and/or spark plugs” (conductors of energy).

Also don’t forget to include essential oils in your medicine cabinet:  The essentials for the cold and flu season include tea tree oil (aka melaleuca), eucalyptus, and frankincense.

To learn more about boosting your immune system the Byron Health and Healing Center will be co-hosting a presentation with Brown Chiropractic on October 13th.

The Byron Health and Healing Center is also hosting an essential oils class on October 20th at our office.  Space is limited for both events.  RSVP: 262 672 6393.

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