Fall for Seasonal Foods

We are now in the heart of the fall season. I am excited about the abundance of fresh, local, and organic food options that are available at this time of year. Tis the season to enjoy the fall harvest which provides foods that are rich in nutrients including specific vitamins and minerals that are vital to our health and well-being.

Delicious foods called root vegetables which are present in abundance at this time of year include carrots, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, and beets to name a few. By extracting minerals and vitamins from the ground root vegetables, which are defined by any underground part of a plant, provide a strong foundation of nutrients for our physical and emotional well-being.

Carrots are rich sources of vitamin A and beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin A is essential for nighttime vision.  As daylight hours wane, it is not a coincidence that God provides us with the perfect antidote at just the right time of year to see more clearly in the dark.

Garlic and onions are well known for their immune boosting and cancer preventing properties in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease.  The Lord is very clear in the Bible about the importance of guarding your heart (Proverbs 4:23).

Are you protecting your most precious organ with the best foods available, or are you walking aimlessly unprotected?

The Bible tells us to put on the “whole” armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-17).  From a food perspective, that means eating “whole” foods.  A whole food is a food with a single ingredient like a carrot or banana.  This does not mean that you must shop at Whole Foods where they are known for taking your whole paycheck. Have you visited a local farmer’s market?

Sweet potatoes are called a superfood by many, including myself.  They provide a substantial amount of vitamin C, particularly at a time of year when it is needed most to reduce the likelihood of getting the flu and similar conditions.  Additionally they are high in vitamin A and have a low glycemic index.

Beets and sugarcane are the primary sources of sugar in our society. Unfortunately, all of the nutrients that are provided by beets are removed during the process of making sugar.  Beets have an abundance of antioxidants and nutrients that detoxify the liver, strengthen the heart, and lower blood pressure.  By the way, beet greens are a good alternative for greens added to salads and smoothies.

The red color of beets reminds me that when one eats beets, one’s blood is being purified. For me beets are a symbol of Jesus Christ, the more one consumes the Word of the Lord, the more one is cleansed.

Are you falling for imitation food, or food that sustains and lifts us into the next season?

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