Biophotonic Scan

Immediate, non-invasive method of measuring antioxidant activity (skin carotenoids) using Nobel Prize winning technology.

  • Two-minute hand scan gives consumer a quick personal measurement of antioxidant status.
  • Uses a safe, LED light to measure skin carotenoid levels.
  • Quickly and conveniently obtains a measurement of the body’s antioxidant defense network.
  • Tracks the body’s carotenoid antioxidant level (Antioxidant Score) over time as a person eats fruits and vegetables and supplements with antioxidants.

Empowers consumers with a personalized nutritional assessment that can be used to make improvements in diet, supplementation and lifestyle.

Biotphotonic Scanner Biotphotonic Scanner

The story behind the Biophotonic Scanner

The fee for a scan is $20.

Consider the fee an investment in your health. I recommend that everyone know their scanner score.

Did you know that athletes can have substantially lower scores than non-athletes?

Athletes use their antioxidants to squash excessive free-radical production from overzealous exercise regimens. The antioxidant score will be lower than expected if the used antioxidants are not replenished.  My score dropped by 10,000 points during a period of training for competitive cycling events.

A low score predisposes one to accelerated aging and degenerative diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis,  and  osteoporosis  to name a few.

For my patients I consider it an additional vital sign. Do you know the average reading for your blood pressure and pulse, etc?

  • The score ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 and above.
  • A score above 40,000 is considered very good.
  • A score greater than 50,000 is outstanding.

The scanner was featured on the Dr. Oz show last year. Of note, his score was 75,000. Click the link for an excerpt of his show when the scanner was featured.

What is your scanner score?     

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