Rudy Byron, Jr. M.D

Board-certified family medicine physicianRudy Byron Jr, M.D

With great enthusiasm, the Byron Health and Healing Center announces that Dr. Rudy Byron, favored family physician in Racine, is now reestablished in private practice devoted to serve his community once again.

The Byron Health and Healing Center is now accepting new patients. Dr. Byron and his staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient-centered care.

Known to many in our community, Dr. Byron’s approach involves being an active listener and utilizing his full-range of training to structure a program to achieve optimal health and healing. Dr. Byron is a Board Certified family medicine physician with special interests in diet and nutritional health, weight-loss, Christ-centered care, vaccine choice, addiction, and detoxification services.

The Byron Health and Healing Center utilizes a cash-only model. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. Although medical insurance is not accepted, patients may submit their receipt for possible reimbursement to their insurance carrier. Laboratory and radiological studies will be billed directly to the patient’s insurance by the lab and radiological providers affiliated with the clinic.

The cash-only model provides Dr. Byron the ability to give personalized attention to his patients as distinct from spending time focused on the goals of the insurance companies. The goal of the Byron Health and Healing Center is to provide patient-centered care to achieve healing rather than disease-management.

To learn more about the Byron Health and Healing Center or to schedule an appointment, please call (262) 672-6393 or visit www.ByronHealthandHealing.com. I am a board-certified family medicine physician whose practice is located in Racine, Wisconsin.

My Training

I graduated from Cornell College and Northwestern University Medical School. Upon completion of residency training in family medicine at the University of Illinois – Ravenswood, I practiced in a large multi-specialty group for 11 years in Racine.

I share my nutritional insight in the upcoming e-book, “Eat Real Food: Dr. Rudy’s guide to diet, nutrition, and weight loss – volumes I, II, and III.”

My training included a recent year-long sabbatical studying diet and nutrition.  Drawing on this vast knowledge, I will guide, teach, and educate you towards living wholly in spirit, soul, and body.